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Influencer & user generated content roadmap

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Did you know that the Influencer Marketing economy hit a whopping $16.4 billion last year?

Have you thought about how influencers impact your brand and customer experience?

You will discover a wealth of information on influencer marketing, but finding a concise overview of its impact and effective strategies for attracting and collaborating with influencers can be challenging. Drawing from my own experience and learnings, I have created this snapshot to assist your marketing team in establishing an influencer program without the burden of extensive research.

Why focus on influencers and UGC?

Influencers are selected people who have a recognized voice in your target market and are knowledgeable about your industry and product segment. The brand provides input into the influencers’ content creation.

Brand loyalty is on the decline and using influencer content through seamless tech integration may bring customers back to you.

Using influencers and promoting UGC multiplies your marketing efforts and helps your organization reach its goals: Raise Awareness, Increase Engagement, and ultimately Optimize our Pipeline.

How do influencers connect with UGC?

Influencers share content with their audiences, who, in turn, copy, write, and share their content about our product. Brands do not control UGC.

  1. Influencer content allows us to ensure that content generated more closely matches your brand values and voice

  2. Influencer content can be easily reused in marketing

  3. You are not controlling the entire process but can give guidelines

  4. Influencer content generates different interpretations of the product resulting in diverse UGC that can be reused in different ways

  5. Influencers generate high-quality content acquiring UGC to keep fueling marketing efforts

  6. Influencer networks are a great way to kick start UGC because it is sourced from influencer-generated content following your guidelines

How do you award influencers?

Influencers can be awarded in different ways, depending on your company’s size and marketing budget:

  • An influencer is given incentives, or is;

  • paid a flat rate per post, or;

  • earns affiliate kickbacks every time a viewer purchases the product by clicking through the link or by using a special promo code

Awards are also linked to an influencer's reach. Influencers come in five different sizes—nano, micro, medium, macro, and mega—depending on how many followers they have:

  1. Nano influencers have fewer than 10,000 followers

  2. Micro influencers have from 10,000 to 50,000

  3. Medium influencers have from 50,000 to 100,000

  4. Macro influencers have more than 500,000

  5. Mega influencers have over one million followers

Create an influencer ambassador program

Use the Influencer Ambassador Program to attract influencers and structure their relationship to your brand. Think about offering benefits, providing support, creating ground rules, and multiplying the effect by repurposing generated content.

To launch a successful influencer marketing campaign, authenticity is paramount. It is crucial to establish relationships with influencers who align with your brand's message.

Consider influencers who are popular for promoting your organization’s values and target segment. Evaluate whether your brand resonates well with a specific influencer and their brand. Remember, it's not just about obtaining product endorsements through posts; it's about cultivating genuine connections with creators who wholeheartedly support your brand.

Additionally, collaborating with a diverse group of influencers can significantly expand your brand's reach, allowing you to engage with a wider audience. By employing an effective influencer marketing strategy, you can elevate your brand's presence and create meaningful connections.

When can you see results?

Building and sustaining an Influencer Circle takes time and consistency, depending on the resources and time you allocate. However, once established, the impact is clear.

Measure what counts

The number of influencers gained, how many posts have been created, how much traffic was driven to your website through influencer content, and ultimately how many closed deals were influenced by Influencers.

Best practices

It may be surprising to learn that sponsorship disclosure at the start or alongside content negatively affects how customers feels about the featured content, while a disclosure placed at the end of a post had neutral or no effect.

When reusing influencers or UGC, credit back the original owner and ask permission first.

Provide brand guidelines to influencers and disclosure about how you intend to use any user-generated content about your brand. Explain that your business may most likely use this curated content across your social media channels and that you won’t compensate for reposted UGC material.


  • Be authentic

  • Monitor and measure published content

  • Your brand provides guidance to influencers

  • Align your influencers with your brand

  • Influence your customer experience

  • Multiply the impact by repurposing influencer and user content


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