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We provide fractional Chief Revenue Marketing Officer services specializing in growing organizations through strategic alignment linking sales, product, brand, customers, and revenue.

With 25+ years of global experience, we focus on the lower-middle market, M&A, investment-backed firms, businesses navigating change and aiming for rapid growth. We work on a fractional, project, or advisor basis.

Altair provides expertise without the added overhead costs, so you can inject years of experience into your business without worry.


Fast-paced firms that need a goal-driven, experienced hand on the tiller


Getting the most out of the investment through internal and external unification


Venture backed needing to scale with strategy and implementation


Investor-funded organizations requiring rapid growth and improved processes

When you need help making your Growth Transition easier, smoother, and faster, we are here for you.



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The Altair Method

The Altair

We drive revenue marketing and strategic alignment to aid companies increase revenue, ROI, brand equity, and multiples using our proprietary process.

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1.    Unique Power

We uncover opportunities. We establish why customers should do business with you instead of the competition and how to convey that message

2.    Contact Conversion

We create a customer journey and communication map across your firm targeting sales conversion

3.    Unify Marketing & Sales

We let marketing do the selling and sales the closing

4.    Empower Tools

We spot what resources your team needs to be effective

5.    Upskill Teams

We navigate your team how to effectively implement the strategy with every-day tasks

"Your brand is the single MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT you can make in your business"  Steve Forbes

others say

What others say


"It's a rare privilege to encounter a professional of Inge Carr's caliber, whose strategic acumen and creative prowess have left a lasting impact on Hibernia Executive Partners. Under her guidance, our brand not only found its voice but also its unique position in a competitive marketplace. Inge's masterful approach to aligning our sales, product, brand, and customer experiences with our revenue goals was nothing short of transformational.

Working with Inge, it became evident that her talent for growing organizations is matched by her commitment to ensuring every detail is perfect. Her efforts were instrumental in preparing our brand for a successful launch at ACG San Diego's CapCon M&A event, where Hibernia Executive Partners proudly served as the DealRoom Sponsor.

Inge's easygoing nature, combined with her deep expertise, makes her not only a joy to work with but a true asset to any team. Her contributions have been invaluable to our success, and I am confident in her ability to bring the same level of excellence and strategic alignment to future projects. Inge Carr is, without a doubt, a remarkable professional whose work speaks volumes of her talent and dedication."

At the

In her role as a Fractional Chief Revenue Marketing Officer (CRMO), Inge's expertise is helping CEOs increase revenue through strategic alignment between sales, product, ops, brand, customer experience, and marketing for B2B, venture-backed, M&A and investor portfolio organizations focused on rapid growth.​

For over two decades, she worked with start-ups and multi-billion dollar enterprise organizations in various industries, such as investment, SaaS,  health, technology, construction, tourism, finance, insurance, environmental, manufacturing, and services. She is an experienced Software Developer who excels in bridging the gap between technical expertise and the personalized human touch.

Inge Carr has an international background, is multilingual in English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish with work experience in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Her incisive grasp of the strategic landscape and creative problem solving approach results in repeated success in 1) increasing brand and market value, 2) uncovering demand and white-space market opportunities, 3) crafting and implementing scalable GTM plans that drive rapid revenue growth, increase profit and EBITDA

Inge  is a Board Member of ACG San Diego and Chair, Marketing. She also serves on corporate boards, is a Linkedin Top Brand Voice, and is on the Advisory Board of the University of California, Irvine, Customer Experience program.

Inge Carr Fractional CMO focused on revenue-driven marketing. helping CEOs increase revenues, efficiencies, brand equity, and multiples through strategic alignment across the organization.

Inge's favorite quote is from Ludwig van Beethoven:

"To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.”


"When CEOs hired marketing agencies or tried to do it themselves and failed, they come to us."

At the helm


















For each client we create a custom approach uniquely suited to your goals.

We provide the experience and expertise without the high complexity, cost, and ramp-up time.

We are part of your team with an explicit focus.

We take a proactive strategic approach to drive growth, establish clarity, provide solutions to obstacles, create goal-driven plans, and help you implement them.

We provide:

  • Structure customization: services provided on a time %, project, or advisor and coaching basis

  • Cost-effective solution:  save on overhead expenses

  • Immediate talent injection: 25+ years of revenue-driven marketing experience available on day one

  • Seamless integration: partner with your C-suite and develop your marketing team

  • Time-saving: more time to find the right fit for a full-time role

  • Fresh perspective: assist with change management and communication

  • Expanded network: access to a wide range of talent and resources


Research shows that up to 80% of the differences between organizations’ performance can be explained by their level of strategic alignment and delivers net business benefits 37% higher than unaligned equivalents. 

  • Bridge the internal and external divide between sales and marketing

  • Drive long-term sustainable growth with a marketing roadmap aligned with your company's objectives

  • Establish unified goals, plans and actions across the organization: sales, finance, product/service, operations, brand, and marketing


Intangible assets, such as brand equity, account for over 70% of the market values of Fortune 500 companies. Consistent company packaging can boost revenue by 33%. 

  • Build equity through company re-packaging and a purpose-driven brand

  • Get the highest ROI out of your brand, increase internal & external brand engagement, and implement a consistent brand to building trust

  • M&A unification – reposition the new organization, merge the marketing initiatives and departments


82% of B2B customers stopped buying due to one bad experience and will pay more for a great experience.  A whopping 63% of buyers say that a positive experience is more influential than great advertising.

  • Scale customer-centric decisions and functions in your business

  • Design contextual customer engagements across their journey

  • Engage your departments across the organization to deliver a consistent customer experience increasing sales, customer retention, acquisition, and brand loyalty


Research found that 90% of firms that upgrade marketing, sales and pricing capabilities deliver above-market growth and sustain this over time. Two-thirds of companies pushing these transformations achieve this in either profitability or revenue-growth. A report by BCG states that top-performing firms allocate a higher % of their budget to marketing.

  • Get the insights & skills you need to overcome challenges and scale your business without increasing EBITDA

  • Optimize the ROI of your marketing initiatives and team with clear goals and resource allocation

  • Embrace the digital revolution and integrate AI in your marketing department


A study by Harvard Business Review found that increasing customer retention rates by 5% can lead to a 25% to 95% increase in profits. The Demand Generation Benchmark report found that 53% of businesses said that marketing efforts contributed moderate to significant increases in lead generation.

  • Scale-up revenues, develop new business & expand your client base

  • Optimize the marketing machine for growth

  • Expand your client base through customer acquisition and retention with a strategy outlining lead generation, segmentation, messaging and customer relationship management


Forbes Insights and MarketShare revealed that firms focused on execution and implementation of marketing initiatives experience 2.3 times higher revenue growth rates. American Marketing Association (AMA) found that firms aligning their marketing and business strategy on average increase revenue 20.1%.

  • Drive business growth by identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities; attract new customers, increase sales and expand market share

  • Expand and diversify with go-to-market planning

  • Develop and execute comprehensive marketing strategies aligned with your company's objectives

It is more than tactics and templates. It's about shaping perception in a deliberate way.



This $3.5B organization acquired a $76M company who acquired three other companies.

OUTCOME All four brands and product lines were merged into two distinctive product portfolios, an additional sales channel launched, and marketing structure set-up resulting in decreased operational costs and increased customer retention to 76%.


A $78M company acquired a $34M company, each located on opposite coasts with a different culture and sales approach.

OUTCOME The brand strategy delivered included building blocks, market positioning, company manifesto, tagline, and logo design. The combined brand was positioned in the attractive white-space of the competitor market focused on differentiation rather than price. The teams of both organizations felt unified in their new manifesto and brand.


A $74M family-owned company experienced double-digit declining sales in the last years.

OUTCOME Sales, operations, product, and marketing were strategically aligned. An account-based  marketing strategy focused on ROI was developed. Sales increased by 10.9% in 12 months.


This start-up firm created a patented product line which had quality issues, volatile seasonal sales, new product development stalled and did not launch.

OUTCOME A tailored stage-gate product development process was created with a quality-control manufacturing process. The marketing strategy addressed seasonality. New products were launched within six months, quality complaints reduced by 76%, and sales stabilized throughout the year.


This enterprise sold their products and services through brick & mortar agencies only.

OUTCOME The e-Commerce strategy was developed and site launched reaching the consumer market. Through the white-labelled e-commerce site, traditional agencies could re-sell the companies' products under their own brand. Revenue $10M in one year.


A $457M organization was falling behind the competition. There was a high turn-over of marketing leadership stalling the department's revenue impact.

OUTCOME Restructured the department from the ground-up focusing on revenue generation, business development and ROI. Six new brands were developed, two e-commerce channels launched, and campaign programs established. The organization acquired four independent firms and their biggest competitor. Their customers felt supported. The organization captured the biggest market share.

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."  

Jimmy Dean


we keep

Our B2B focus is on specific stages of company transition and growth; investment-backed start-ups,  businesses desiring high-growth, M&A, and  investor portfolio firms.

The power of strategic marketing should not be underestimated. However, most need to rely on outside expertise to see real results.


The truth is that a proactive approach can drive growth, establish clarity and provide solutions to organizational obstacles. It’s more than blog posts and newsletters. It’s about shaping perception in an intentional way.

Our approach to revenue marketing links your vision (your big audacious goal) and empowers your executive and implementation teams with clarity and meaning to unleash your potential in a phased and scalable manner across the organization. We have proof. It works.


makorabo client of Inge Carr, altair strategic marketing, fractional CMO
The co-operators insurance company
mergebase is a cybersecurity and SaaS company, client of Inge Carr, altair strategic marketing, fractional CMO
New State Capital Partners with Inge Carr, altair strategic marketing, fractional CMO
credit counseling society - finance organization
TIC travel insurance company
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Canadian Tourism Commission - international travel - Vancouver olympics
Octaform construction company
arborworks environmental company is a client of Inge Carr, altair strategic marketing, fractional CMO
Hana Resources environmental company using SaaS
Greenhouse grower, agriculture, horticulture

is Altair?

We find the golden thread that connects companies with their audiences in a way that transcends sales.

We craft growth strategies and execution plans to increase revenues and optimize EBITDA for companies focused on rapid growth.

Our strategic plans are holistic, tailor-made, easy to navigate, and implement.

We become part of your executive team for a specific period so you can inject years of experience into your business without the financial worry.


INTEGRITY - you can count on our word

PARTNERSHIP - we are better together

INNOVATION - giving you the advantage

PASSION - about our work, every day!

RESULTS - getting it done

We do not rest until we deliver something extraordinary.



Our harbors are in San Diego & Seattle
Sailing in the US, Canada & Europe

Thanks for tacking!

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